We believe that only the most wholesome herbs will produce the pure energy and vitality your body and mind crave. Mother Nature provides you with everything you need to maintain a clear mind and a strong body. Vimergy products use only what Mother Nature gave us, so our herbs come directly from the natural world into your body. Vimergy products are delivered to you with the same integrity in which they’re grown and gathered.

All the herbs used in Vimergy’s products are wildcrafted, which means they grow naturally in rural areas and are harvested by hand. We use water extraction to carefully reduce the herbs’ essences to a 10:1 concentrated extracted power. From there, we deliver them to you, ready to use in one simple step by dissolving them in hot water as a tea, or adding them into your smoothies or recipes. There are no gelatin pill casings, so you can feel confident that every herb you consume is as pure as we can offer. Same with our green grasses, except they are Organic and 25:1 concentrated.

Begin using Vimergy herbs today, and you’ll begin feeling renewed energy and vitality tomorrow. Derived from ancient Eastern medicine, Vimergy herbal products are based on more than 2,000 years of research refinement. Think more clearly, feel fitter and achieve a new sense of balance mentally with Vimergy. 

Vimergy is a family owned business out of Santa Monica, CA.

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