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Cistanche Extract Powder 50g


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Quick Overview

Enhance Potency - Supports Kidney - Increase Sexual Vigor

Cistanche helps to strengthen sexual function, treat impotence, and has also been used to increase fertility in women.

Cistache Extract Powder 50g

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Sizes Available: 50g, 250g (save 20%)


Cistanche is a yang tonic herb that helps to strengthen sexual function, treat impotence, and strengthen the back and knees. It has also been used to increase fertility in women. It directs blood flow to the genital area resulting in stronger erections. This type of energy can also be channeled to other creative outlets. As a secondary benefit, cistanche has been known to improve the function of the bowels and increase the efficiency of elimination. This is done by increased qi in the large intestine.

Cistanche tonifies the kidneys and strengthens the yang, warms the womb, and moistens the intestines. It is known to produce strength, endurance, and confidence. Cistanche also raises one’s spirit, heightens creativity, and strengthens the mind. 

Benefits of the Cistanche Superherb:

  • Premature ejaculation and impotence
  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Helps strengthen weak tendons
  • Helps those with infertility
  • Aid with constipation in the elderly
  • Pain in back and knees
  • Forgetfulness
  • Loss of hearing

Organs Supported: Kidney, Large Intestines

Treasures: Jing, Blood


  • Drink It Up: Add herbs to 8oz of hot water and enjoy as a tea (optional: add sweetener)
  • Blend It Up: Blend it in your favorite smoothie, protein shake, or tea
  • Warm It Up: Add herbs to your next raw or warm blended soup
  • Mix It Up: Add to your favorite raw or whole food recipe to supercharge
  • Eat It Up: Herbs can be eaten directly to experience the full taste
Usage: 4 grams (2 teaspoon) once or twice daily. 
  • 50 grams per bag
  • 25 servings per bag
  • 10:1 water extract powder

Latin Name: Cistanche desericola

  • Taste: Sweet, Salty
  • Color: Brown
  • Nature: Warm

Favorite Recipe

  • Warm up water in kettle
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of Cistanche
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of Reishi
  • Add dash maca (optional)
  • Stir and enjoy


  • Our herbs use Fingerprint Technology (see below), the most advanced extraction process used today
  • Our herbs are wildcrafted and water extracted, keeping them natural, pure and heated under 104 degrees
  • Our herbs are all 10:1 concentrated, meaning that it's not just the herb powdered (as many other companies offer), but rather in a 10x concentrated powerful form
  • We only use non-GMO brown rice powder as an excipient, keeping it virtually allergy free, compared to corn or wheat excipients used by other brands
  • Our products are preventive care at its finest, designed to help keep you healthy, vital, and energized. Compared to western medicine and the average hospital bill when feeling sick, these products pay for themselves
  • We offer a variety of over 20 different superherbs, essentially your one-stop-shop for energy, vitality, and superior health
  • Guarantee: If you can find a higher quality wildcrafted water extracted herb than ours, we will happily accept your unopened product within 30 days for a no questions asked refund. We stand behind what we sell as being the highest quality Chinese herbs available.

Our tonic superherbs directly impact youthfulness, and are for people serious about their health. Read more below.

What are herbal extracts? Herbal extracts are an excellent way of getting the goodness from a herb, without the trouble of often elaborate preparations and long cooking times often required with using herbs in their crude whole form. This product is 10:1 water extracted, meaning that it's not simply the herb powdered, but rather in a 10x times concentrated form. 

How are herbal extracts made? The raw herbs are prepared by hot water extraction under 104 degrees, the water is then evaporated off until all that is left is the essential oils and active ingredients. These are then bound together with an excipient, small amounts of non-GM brown rice powder (less than 5%).

Fingerprint Technology: Fingerprint Technology ensures no adulterations, and the safety and consistency of our final product. It's the most advanced extraction process used today in which the herbs are never heated above 104 degrees, thus maintaining its raw state and keeping its amino acids and essential oils intact. View the Certificate of Analysis.

Purity: This product is Vegan, Kosher and 100% Wildcrafted. It is GMO and ETO free, and is non-irradiated. It’s also free from wheat, gluten, soy, added sugar, salt, lactose, preservatives, or any other fillers. All water extracted herbs are in 10:1 extracted powder form. This product has been cultivated, and is ready to use from the bag.
Directions: These tonic herbs are food grade and safe to use as you would culinary herbs. They can be added to any foods or drinks. We generally prefer to simply add 8oz of hot water and make as a tea. See below for more ideas on how to use.

Contraindications: Refrain from using if you have dryness of the mouth, diarrhea, or a yin deficiency.


As with all tonic herbs, we do not recommend using while pregnant, unless under the direction of your doctor or herbalist.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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