High Quality Products To Make Your Life Easier

Nature provides us with the perfect foods for our health and wellbeing, but they’re not always convenient to get. At Vimergy, we aim to simplify your health without sacrificing the purity and nutrients your body loves by providing you with pure, 100% USDA Organic Greens and Mushroom Extracts you can rely on.






100% Pure

Why Vimergy?

We believe that only the most wholesome herbs will produce the pure energy and vitality your body and mind crave. Mother Nature provides you with everything you need to maintain a clear mind and a strong body. Vimergy products use only what Mother Nature gave us, so our herbs come directly from the natural world into your body. Vimergy products are delivered to you with the same integrity in which they’re grown and gathered.

Our Product

Superior Quality USDA Organic Greens & Mushroom Extracts

We care deeply about the quality and effectiveness of the supplements you use and are committed to providing you with the highest quality products. We have spent years researching and sourcing the best products so that you can rely on them and make your life easier.

No Fillers or Preservatives

Vimergy products contain just one ingredient. No fillers, additives, excipients, sweeteners, or preservatives are added - ever. Vimergy products are 100% natural and 100% pure. You know exactly what you’re getting every time.

A Convenient Solution

If you’re unwell or lead a busy lifestyle, we know how hard it can be to look after yourself. We want your life to be as simple as possible so we found a way to get the highest quality foods extracted into easy-to-use powders. For our organic greens and wild blueberry powders, just add to water, juice, or a smoothie. For our organic mushrooms extracts, just add to hot water for an instant tea. Simple. Fast. Easy.

Vimergy is a family owned business based out of Santa Monica, CA.

We're health crusaders, and we care deeply about helping others to live a healthier and easier life.