Are You Getting Enough B12?

Are You Getting Enough B12?

Dear Friends, 

Our bodies can’t make Vitamin B12 on their own and it is a crucial nutrient that supports many important functions in our body, including the production of red blood cells, nervous system health, and the metabolism of food. Believe it or not, many people don't get enough B12 from their diets. No matter what your diet is, everyone benefits from adequate B12 intake. 

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A B12 deficiency is often associated with fatigue, weakness, and anemia. Supplementing with B12 is safe, but getting the right kind of B12 matters. Organic Liquid B-12 from Vimergy is a unique blend of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin – two active forms of B12 that the body can use right away to:

  • Promote a healthy brain and nervous system*
  • Support healthy cognitive function *
  • Support healthy red blood cell production*
  • Promote energy production and healthy metabolic function*
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