Do Kids Need Vitamins?

Do Kids Need Vitamins?

Do Kids Need Vitamins?

Do your kiddos need “nutrition insurance”?

Picture it…any dinner table, last night. Nutritious meals full of colorful foods lovingly planned, sourced, purchased, and prepared in precise nutrient ratios with the right mix of flavors and textures to be appealing to all, before being plated to perfection and then-- it happens. The capricious nature of the tiny humans emerges, the shrewd gaze, the sniffing, the poking, the wrinkled nose, the teenage worthy eyerolls (even in the tiniest of toddlers) followed by the “ewww’s” and “I’m not eating that!” The quest for balancing what your kiddos want to eat and what they will eat is often a delicate act, even in those who are “good eaters”! Exasperated parents everywhere grow increasingly concerned that their children may not be getting the nutrition they need. And their concerns are real! 

Even in resource-secure areas of the globe where the childhood obesity epidemic rages, the simple act of having adequate, or even excessive, caloric intake does not guarantee adequate levels of dietary micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are being consistently met. Recent large-scale data from children in developed nations shows that up to 1 in 4 children had an inadequate intake of at least 1 nutrient, with girls being at higher risk than boys.1  This is not surprising when the amount of processed foods children consume is considered. The second largest contributor to energy intake among children aged 2 to 19 years are processed snacks and sweets.2 The connection between satisfactory nutrition and health is inarguable, especially for kids where the impacts of nutrient deficiency on growth and development are more likely to be permanent.

Children are not just miniature versions of adults and inadequate nutrition is a particular concern as children are considered an “at-risk” group in the population when it comes to meeting their nutritional needs. Childhood is a time of rapid physical and cognitive growth that propels them from toddlerhood to childhood and eventually young adulthood. Their needs are different. Though obviously smaller in overall body size than adults, children’s nutrient requirements are proportionately higher, meaning they require more nutrients per pound of body weight than an adult and these needs change rapidly during different phases of childhood.3 However, the effort to get kids to eat a healthy diet can quickly turn into a battle of wills.

So, if we can’t guarantee kids are going to eat enough of the right foods to fulfill their micronutrient needs, what do we do to protect them? Give them Vimergy Kid’s! Supplementing children’s diets with essential vitamins and minerals can reduce the risk of nutrient deficiencies.4 Vimergy Kid’s B12 and Kid’s Zinc provide trusted Vimergy performance nutrients in special formulations made just for kids! Tasty formulas that are easy to take added to juice, a smoothie, or even right out of the bottle mean no stress nutrition for you and your Vimergy Kid’s formulas provide special kid-friendly serving sizes based on your child’s age and even come with a marked dropper for easy, accurate measurement. Supplements are a great way to provide peace of mind that your kids are getting what they need despite their eating habits or the quality of the food supply. 

Inadequate levels of micronutrients can result in many concerns when it comes to growth and development, and some can even be permanent. Their impact can be seen on body systems leading to compromised immunity, stunted growth, and poor brain development, ultimately negatively impacting human potential on a global scale. Providing your kids with high quality, clean nutrients like Vimergy Kid’s Zinc and Kid’s B12 is among the best protection you can give them to support healthy growth, development, and maturation from head to toe. Keep your with Vimergy Kid’s formulas- grab yours now!

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