Vimergy empowers everyone in the family, from the actual kids to the kids at heart and everyone in between, to fully enjoy life's daily pleasures together! Our adult and kid-focused products offer full-body nutrient support in precise serving sizes designed for the whole family. From working to ensure a vital mind and balanced energy to powering-up the immune system for fewer missed days of school†, our pure and potent formulations work naturally with your kiddo’s body to support natural vitality with high-quality vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.*

We know you care deeply about your family’s health, and so do we! Vimergy Kids’ formulas come in great tasting, highly absorbable liquids that are super simple to add to your kiddos’ morning routine. With Vimergy, what you see is what you get, everything in the bottle is on the label. Our focused ingredient formulas contain only the powerful nourishing goodness you need to support the healthy growth and development of vital, energetic, and resilient young minds and bodies.


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Iran J Pediatr. 2009;19(4), 376-80.

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Citric acid free. No refined sugars. No added colors or flavors. Uncomplicated formulas.


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