Does Stress Lower Your Immunity?

Does Stress Lower Your Immunity?

How to keep stress from hurting your immunity!

For most, stress is just part of life. We all know this and take steps every day to help our body with the impact of stress on our systems. You see, stress is a tricky thing. It can be beneficial in the short-term by helping us rise to the occasion and even boosting performance and focus. But when life’s challenges surpass our ability to cope, this opens the door for negative health impact. In the long-term, elevated immune activity can lead to an overworked, exhausted immune system that is struggling to keep up.

The relationship between stress and immunity is complex. Both are tasked with responding to challenging and stressful life events or injury/illness. Events that change how the two systems work together can result in a less effective response.1 Vimergy has lots of ways to help promote both a healthy stress response and strong immunity! 

To help get you get the exact support you need, Vimergy has put together our special Immune + bundles giving you control what your body needs to feel great on any given day! These bundles also give you the chance to try our ALL-NEW Micro-C Immune Power® AND get you free Vimergy! It is super easy and a win-win! Here’s what you get! 

  1. Immune Support Core for broad immune support!* 
  1. Stress-Less Support module provides mind and body relaxation benefits!* 
  1. The cherry on top…Free Vimergy!  

That is 9 unique products, including our brand-new, super potent, Micro-C Immune Power® and free Lemon Balm and PropolisPure®, to help put you in charge of what you take every day to benefit your health!*  Get your supplement stack ready with pure, clean, and gentle Vimergy goodness to help you stay resilient and balance the impact of stress, all “season” long!* 

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