Kids Immunity Tips

Five Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Written by: Ashley Colaizzi



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Back-to-school is a time when kids face bigger challenges to their immunity in general. The crowded classrooms and hallways, increased social and academic stress, and more time spent indoors, coupled with the often less than stellar personal hygiene habits of kids, all contribute to more opportunity for exposures and a less ideal environment for a robust immune response. On top of that, when kids’ immune systems get overwhelmed, it can affect the rest of the family too! Not to mention the impact of non-health related parts of life like the financial impact of missed work, academic impact of missed school, and social impact of missed athletic and recreational activities.

Keeping the family healthy can seem like a full-time job all by itself! As always, Vimergy is here to help take care of you so you can take care of everyone else. Our pure and potent nutrients are ideal for supporting health from head-to-toe and inside out and are an easy complement for routines already in place. Busy families are always looking for efficient ways to make sure everyone has what they need when they need it and in a way that is most beneficial for that family member. Here are five great ways to keep the whole family, everyone from grown-ups to grandparents and toddlers to teens, on track this fall by making healthy habits a breeze!

  1. Stay hydrated. Research has shown that dehydration can negatively impact the number and activity of white blood cells responsible for a healthy immune system .1 Everybody needs a different amount of water to be healthy and the best way to get in is to keep it close! Fun cups and water bottles make keeping hydrated personal and important.
  2. Start the day with a tasty smoothie! Upping the intake of fruits and vegetables is a mainstay for health across all ages. But getting everyone to eat their fair share can be a challenge! Smoothies have unlimited recipe possibilities, but including immune powerhouses like citrus, spinach, and berries can help give immunity an added boost!
  3. Throw in a fresh juice! Fresh juice is a superbly tasty means of getting in concentrated nutrition. Studies have shown that those who drink juices are more likely to meet basic guidelines around consuming enough servings of fruits and vegetables.2 And their levels of key immune support nutrients such as vitamin C and D as well as important minerals were higher than those that do not consume juice.3
  4. Keep processed/refined/added sugar out and instead focus on plenty of fruit! Industrial technology has led to concentrated, highly processed and refined sugars being included in most products marketed to children, Recent studies have associated high intakes of added sugar (including all sugars added to foods and drinks but not including naturally occurring sugars such as those found in fruits and fruit juices.4 ) to be associated with 45 different negative health effects impacting both children and adults.4
  5. Mixology by Vimergy for everyone! With the launch of our two newest family members, Kids B12 and Kids Zinc, the Vimergy line up is here to provide the next level customized support each family member needs with the purity, potency, and performance they deserve! 

Vimergy supplements offer clean formulas with unlimited customization potential that easily fit in your family’s life and routine. Pure, uncomplicated formulas made without binders and fillers allow the nutrients to be the star! Vimergy supplements provide the versatility needed to integrate into existing routines easily and seamlessly. They can be added to water, juice, a smoothie or taken directly from the bottle. The kids’ formulas even come with a pre-marked dropper to make it easy to get the right serving size for different aged kids. Get everyone on track for stellar immunity with Vimergy supplements today!