Gentle Movement To Support Healing

Gentle Movement To Support Healing
Dear Friends,

We hope you’ve been enjoying the beautiful spring weather as much as we are. This month is considered Move More Month, with the goal to encourage us to get moving! With movement as the goal, we can give our mobility extra support with vitamins D3 and MSM. 


Because it’s Move More Month, we’re focusing on mobility and keeping our joints and tendons happy and healthy. Here are some of our go-to healthy habits for staying mobile: 
  • Stretching daily. Try some stretches that feel good for your body! Side stretches, cat-cow pose, and arm circles are a great place to start. 
  • Incorporating movement into your routine. Again, anything that feels good in your body! Chair yoga walking and rebounding on a mini trampoline are some of our favorites. 
  • Supporting your immunity and bone health with Organic Vitamin D3, extracted from cholecalciferol-rich lichen extract for a fully vegan supplement. Healthy bones and an immune system can make your everyday movement more enjoyable.
  • Giving your bones extra support with a uniquely-formulated MSM with silica and calcium for healthier bones, nails, and hair.* Our MSM is special because it is purified through a proprietary multi-stage distillation process. 

To Your Health,

Team Vimergy

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