Is Your Immune System Ready for Spring?

Is Your Immune System Ready for Spring?

Written by: Vimergy



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Hey Friends,

A welcome change in season is upon us!

Spring slowly awakens the body from the cold winter and extra time indoors. Warmer days bring environmental shifts that demand more from our bodies and minds. 

More time out of our homes means increased exposure to viruses, bacteria, plus colds, and flus. Also, to toxins, chemicals, and pollutants. The strength of your immune system plays an important role in maintaining whole system health that contributes to a high quality of life. 

A combination of two Vimergy products, Organic PropolisPure and Organic Zinc Sulfate nourish and bolster your immune system* in preparation for more active days spent outdoors. Shop Immunity

Organic Propolis Pure gives you 1220 mg of standardized propolis extract in every serving. Unlike other propolis products, ours is made from two pure ingredients: organic standardized propolis extract and organic flax glycerin. That means no propylene glycol, poor quality glycerin, citric acid, or natural and artificial flavors. 

Organic Zinc Sulfate is made with zinc sulfate, organic flax glycerin, and a hint of organic apple juice, which means it tastes great and is easy to take. Zinc is an essential trace mineral for human health. It’s a potent antioxidant that supports a healthy metabolism and immune system.*

Together these supplements strengthen and support vibrant immunity. *

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The seasonal transition to spring doesn’t happen overnight, so we have time to adjust to the newness of spring. Let us take care of you as spring slowly sets in, so you may take care of everything else.

To your health,

Team Vimergy