Magnesium During the Summer

Magnesium During the Summer

Did you know your body needs more magnesium in the summer?

We have entered a new month and with that a new season. June brings with it a farewell to the rainy May days and a bright welcome to the first rays of summer. A summer certainty in most places is an increase in the average daily temperature, often compounded by humidity that makes the air feel like a wet blanket. But the sun isn’t the only thing we see more of during the summer months, the increased heat and humidity mean the body tries to compensate by increasing perspiration. More sweating means health essentials like water and important electrolytes like magnesium are more frequently lost.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is involved in literally hundreds of physiological reactions in the body. However, we cannot make it or store extra so this means that it is critical that our daily routine include adequate high-quality magnesium. In Western societies, emerging evidence suggests that nearly two-thirds of the population is not achieving the recommended daily allowance for magnesium and that low levels of magnesium may impair bodily processes that rely on it.

Reading this may leave you wondering if you are one of them and if getting enough magnesium is really such a big deal. The short answer is yes! Magnesium has so many functions and chronically low levels have been linked to chronic conditions. Consuming adequate magnesium through diet alone can be challenging at best given the loss of nutrients from our soil, often inadequate intake of magnesium-rich foods, and exposure to magnesium- depleting lifestyle habits and medications. Enter magnesium supplements.

Choosing to use a magnesium supplement may seem like a no-brainer, but one trip to the supplement aisle will have many confused as there is a literal sea of different magnesium products available. A key feature in the effects of a magnesium supplement in the body, each form can have its own specialization in terms of benefit, with certain forms being better for supporting GI health and others for supporting mood and level of calm. One of the top forms of magnesium in terms of absorbability, reduction of unwanted GI side effects, and whole body benefits is a form known as Magnesium Glycinate, where the magnesium is attached to the amino acid glycine. But what is so special about the glycinate form of magnesium?

  • Magnesium glycinate is known as a “chelated” form of the mineral. Chelate means “claw” which simply indicates that the magnesium is attached to an organic molecule that better helps distribute it across the gut into the bloodstream where it can be used by the cells in the body. 
  • Magnesium glycinate is known for being gentler on the digestive system. One thing magnesium does is absorb water. So, when we take some types of magnesium, it complexes with water and travels through the GI tract without ever being absorbed into the bloodstream. Magnesium glycinate helps prevent this because the glycine molecule has a special intestinal transporter that escorts it through the intestinal lining, making bringing the bound magnesium along with it easier. Movement out of the intestines means reduced binding of magnesium and water in the intestines and improving GI tolerability.
  • So many vital body functions including ATP metabolism, muscle contraction and relaxation, normal neurological function and release of neurotransmitters are all magnesium dependent and that means that magnesium may tend to be thought of as the hero, but let’s not forget the glycine! Glycine is precursor for a variety of important metabolites such as glutathione, porphyrins, purines, heme, and creatine and also acts as neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. It has many roles such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cryoprotective, and immunomodulatory properties in the peripheral and nervous tissues. It also has numerous other benefits in supporting the cytochrome system in the liver and promoting healthy cellular function. Magnesium and glycine have been shown to positively influence mood, stress response, and sleep.

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