Micro-excellence: What is it and how to make it work for your health?

Micro-excellence: What is it and how to make it work for your health?

With only a few precious weeks of summer left on the calendar, decidedly “Fall” themes have started filling store shelves, fall flavors (love it or hate it, the return of pumpkin spice is such an event, it’s close to becoming the universal sign for the end of summer) have once again made their much-anticipated appearance and that means it is time to turn to preparing for a healthy fall season! There is no shortage of famous quotes and quips about the importance of preparedness and its role in success. Most of us have heard them all many times over, but what they don’t tell you is that achieving success doesn’t mean we have to tackle a monumental change all at once. Making slight changes that stick and become habits can garner big results!

When most people try to tackle a goal, they want immediate results, so they try to eat it up, to stuff the whole thing in at once, but then end up with less than satisfying results or even an outright fail because they have bitten off more than they can effectively chew. Breaking down the win into small gains is a concept known as the “theory of marginal gains.” Also known as “micro-excellence” or the 1% theory, the basic idea is that if you make a 1% improvement in a bunch of tiny areas, the resulting cumulative benefits would be extraordinary! 1 The idea came from sports, but it doesn’t just apply to performance areas; this same principle can be used in any aspect of life, work, or home to promote success! Here are some things you can start now to ready your family for a robust fall routine: 

  1. Be vigilant about hand hygiene! A year-round habit that becomes increasingly important in the fall, promoting healthy handwashing habits and teaching effective handwashing techniques can help reduce exposures. Handwashing with plain soap and water can reduce the incidence of potentially dangerous microbes on the hands by 81%!
  2. Time for Fall Cleaning! Everyone thinks about cleaning in the Spring, but Fall is an ideal time to clear out and streamline a variety of areas of life! Clearing out the closets, fridge, and routine can show where the opportunities are to tune-up habits and stack seasonal needs!
  3. Visit Your Local Farmers Market! The end of summer and early fall is known as “harvest time” in farming. For you, this means it is the ideal time of year to take advantage of seasonal, local produce picked closer to the natural peak of ripeness and nutrition.
  4. Take Time to Connect! The tiny lull in activity as busy summers give way to the changes of Fall (and before the holiday frenzy ensues), can be a time to connect with things that bring you peace, joy & happiness and make you feel anchored to the people and activities you treasure most. Integrating stress management practices now can keep us from feeling overwhelmed later in the season when things tend to really get busy!
  5. Take Early Steps to Fortify Family Immunity! It’s easy with pure and potent Vimergy Supplements! From zinc and B12 in the Vimergy Kid’s collection to immune powerhouses like PropolisPure and nutrient dense whole food powders like Wild Blueberry, building support for resilient immunity into your family’s routine has never been easier. 
Like the popular meal-prepping concept when it comes to healthy eating, healthy habits are less stressful when we take steps to make them easier to include. Clearing space in the closets for cozy fall layers and cuddly blankets, consolidating room in the pantry and fridge for the delicious late summer harvest, or making sure your loved ones’ are set up to stay healthy by updating everybody’s Vimergy supplement routine to take steps to fortify the body for the challenges of fall and winter are important ways to minimize stress and maximize opportunities for health!


Now, the purity and peace of mind you know and expect from Vimergy are ready to support robust health for your entire crew! Vimergy Kids formulas mean you can customize your loved ones’ Mixology by Vimergy and save big with our Mix + Save option, finally, no matter where you are in the world.

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