Delicious & Nutritious Wild Blueberries

Delicious & Nutritious Wild Blueberries

Hey Friends, It's safe to say that no one wants to age faster than necessary. We all want to feel and look our best for as long as possible and age gracefully, hopefully with good health intact. The more youthful we feel in our later years, the more we will be able to enjoy them!

One of the ways we can support our bodies to stay as healthy as possible is to include foods with antioxidants in our diet. But different foods contain varying amounts of antioxidants, so it's helpful to know some of the best food choices we can make to support anti-aging.

You might have already heard that berries are a great way to get antioxidants in your diet, but did you know that not all berries are equal? Wild Blueberries (the low-bush variety) contain anthocyanins and phenolics. Anthocyanins are what give wild blueberries their deep blue-purple pigment and high nutritional value. These antioxidants help stop free radicals that damage our cells, driving oxidative changes. These changes become harder to repair as we age.

Wild blueberries also come from one of the strongest plants. Wild blueberry bushes are so strong that they can be burned down and will still grow back even stronger and continue to produce magnificent berries full of nutrition.

Did we mention that they also taste delicious?! You can enjoy these wild berries in your own home with the convenience of Vimergy Wild Blueberry Powder. The powder can be mixed into water, coconut water, juices, or smoothies; sprinkled onto fruit, cereal, or fruit ice cream; and can be added to baked goods, dressings, sauces, or dips. It tastes so good it will be a joy to get your antioxidants in!

Vimergy Wild Blueberry Powder contains no additives or added sugars and is gluten-free, fat-free, USDA Organic, and 100% wild. To start getting more wild blueberries in your life today, simply click the button below!

To your health,
Team Vimergy

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