Get a Taste of the Wild

Pure & Potent supplements by Vimergy restore your natural vitality with high-quality vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. *

Wild Blueberries, Tamed Into a Powder

Why Wild? 

Our Organic Wild Blueberry Powder is a delicious and concentrated source of the powerful plant pigment molecule, anthocyanin. Found in wild blueberries, anthocyanins give wild blueberries their deep blue color and act like superheroes in our bodies. With our convenient powder, you can easily bring the superpower of wild blueberries into your daily routine to promote overall wellbeing. 

Wild blueberry powder container

What Does Organic Wild Blueberry Do? 

  • Studies have indicated that increased consumption of fruit and vegetables may result in improved cellular, cardiovascular and brain health*  
  • Wild Blueberries (lowbush) are higher in beneficial anthocyanins and total phenolics compared to the cultivated (highbush) varieties often sold in stores. 

          The Vimergy Pure and Potent Promise 

          • Harvested wild in Canada. Grown in a region that has some of the cleanest air, purest water table, and least amount of pollution in the world* 
          • Formulated without 100+ unwanted ingredients 
          • Triple third party tested 
          • Single ingredient 
          • No caking agents 
          • Learn more!

                    Making things easier - Enid 

                    I can’t always get out to buy wild blueberries and having the powder makes it so much easier.  

                    Organic Wild Blueberry works best when used consistently over time. Don't go hunting for wild blueberries - save 5% when you subscribe today.  

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                    + Consuming diets with adequate magnesium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension). However, the FDA has concluded that the evidence is inconsistent and inconclusive.