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The Secret Ingredient to Overall Well-being

What is Zinc Sulfate? 

Zinc sulfate is a dietary supplement that provides a well absorbed form of zinc, an essential mineral found in our soils and food that our bodies require for many functions. A liquid form of zinc sulfate that is easily absorbed by the body. 

Zinc bottle

What Does Zinc Sulfate Do? 

  • Supports immune, respiratory and metabolic health* 
  • Essential mineral the body needs for overall health* 
  • Powerful antioxidant that may reduce DNA damage* 

            The Vimergy Pure and Potent Promise 

            • Excellent source of pure, organic zinc sulfate, 7.5 mg per serving 
            • Just 4 ingredients  
            • Formulated without 100+ unwanted ingredients 
            • Triple third party tested 
            • Faster absorption vs. capsules 
            • Learn more!

                        The best zinc - Lani 

                        I’ve been using this zinc for almost a year now, and I try not to go a day without it. It has really helped improve my immune system. This product is so easy to use and taste great! 

                        Zinc Sulfate works best when used consistently over time. Ensure your daily intake of this essential mineral and save 5% when you subscribe today.  

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